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How it all started

It all started when we purchased our first land in Arthurette, NB back in 2002. We started with a few hundred taps with buckets and boiling on a box stove and making this sweet stuff for our friends and family. We knew that one day we would be the owner of a Sugar Bush. It was our passion.

In 2015, our dream came true when we purchase our Sugar Bush previously called “ La Cabane” from Bob and Huguette Parent.   We decided to make a little change to the name and called it Érablière La Kabane. Our daughters name is Katrine and Kassia, both names started with a “K”, so the name was inspired by them.

Érablière la Kabane started with 1200 taps and expanded to 8500 taps in 2016.  In 2019 we reached 10 000 taps when we purchased another sugarbush. We are now certified Ecocert to offer our customers high quality organic maple syrup.   While being mindful of our environment and care-takers of our forest, we have developed healthy tapping policies and procedures. No sprays, fertilizers, or pesticides are used in, on or around our trees.

Our sugarbush is located in St-Anne, NB.

We sell our delicious maple products in various store in  the Grand Falls and Edmundston area.

We have all kinds of Maple products. (Maple syrup, butter, taffy, sugar, caramel, cones, candy, pecans, almonds, cotton candy, etc...